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Advanced Dentistry for the Entire Family

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Dr. Steven Damelio
, conveniently located in Penfield, New York.

We believe that, "Life is better with a Smile". We treat every patient with care and work hard to fulfill all of your dental needs. If you are uncomfortable with your smile, Dr. Damelio has several treatments such as all porcelain and cosmetic bonding to create your desired look.  Our hygienists, Rhonda and Kate, are extremely knowledgeable with oral care and strive to make your dental appointment as comfortable as possible. Our office seeks out Continuing Education courses throughout the year to become informed of any new treatments or equipment available that will allow us to continue giving quality service.

We are committed to excellent customer service and make every effort to make you feel welcome.

We give personalized attention to each and every patient, offering flexible scheduling for children and adults to accommodate busy lifestyles. We believe that quality dental care begins with one on one communication. Dr. Damelio will speak directly with you about your symptoms, and design a treatment plan directly to suit your needs. Our licensed dental hygienists, Rhonda and Kate, will ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent gum disease, such as Gingivitis and Periodontal disease.

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